BTS Choreographer Brian Puspos to Mentor Top Class Trainees

Author: Maxinne Chavez and Edsel Villanueva

Heads up to all the groovers out there as Brian Puspos who is named the “Male Choreographer of the Year ” mentors the newest, biggest, and most interactive P-pop reality competition, Top Class.

Brian Puspos has worked on several choreographies with BTS. He shared that when he got his first job choreographing for an artist, he was so scared. His style is so intricate and detailed. He knew he was going to be asked to water his choreography down to fit the artists. But when he started getting hired by BIG HIT. It was a dream come true. He didn’t have to water things down. They wanted what he was known for. They were willing to work hard to execute it. He’s super appreciative of that. Not a lot of artists will take a chance on his level of choreography.

“A career highlight for me was definitely SERENDIPITY. I loved that song before I was hired. I really loved jimin before I was hired. Watching him cover my choreography and mention my name in interviews was so awesome. It was full circle once I got to choreograph for him.” Puspos said when a fan asked about when he first learned about BTS during a question and answer session on Reddit.

A fan also asked about his thoughts on K-pop idol dance training programs and if there’s anything that surprised him about them. He said “Training programs in K-pop were very new to me. It was a little bit of a culture shock at first. Artist development is a lost thing in the USA and to see it at the level that it is in South Korea was very impressive. I did training camps with iKon and they taught me a lot about how hard artists train for their craft. I got to teach the BTS boys early on and again I was taken back by how much of their lives were dedicated to just getting better and better. It must be tough physically and mentally. I applaud those men!.” 

Being able to work on several choreographies for the Kpop group BTS, Puspos saw the group’s dedication and discipline and wishes that it will transpire to the trainees of Top Class, as they rise to  P-pop stardom. 

The Filipino-American choreographer and recording artist from Houston, Texas mentioned in his social media accounts that he cannot wait to meet and share his knowledge with the aspiring P-pop idols. Puspos also stated that he is beyond grateful and honored to be the mentor of these talented and dedicated future P-pop idols. 

As a choreographer and recording artist, Puspos also mentioned how he is a “forever student” who wants to continuously learn and grow in his new environment here in the Philippines.

Brian, together with the other mentors KZ and Shanti Dope will make the trainees’ experience fruitful and memorable.

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