PPop’s female alphas, G22, return with explosive single “Boomerang” for their first anniversary

QUEZON CITY – Bounce back like G22! Cornerstone Entertainment’s very own PPop girl group G22 drops their latest single “Boomerang” on the midnight of February 24, a day ahead of their first anniversary in the music industry.

Staying true to their “girl power” brand, the female alphas bring another powerful song empowering women and challenging gender roles. Entitled “Boomerang,” the high impact pop song explores the idea of the tool – what goes around comes back around.

“Boomerang may not only mean like the physical item boomerang. Since this is our comeback song, like a boomerang, we’re coming back, and it may also be a metaphor for karma,” says Jaz when asked about the concept of their latest single.

“Boomerang” interprets a story of a woman gaining her strength back after a failed relationship with a playboy lover. Although revolving around a romantic relationship, the track is an advocacy that aims to send a strong message about women having their own foundation amidst being in a man’s world.

“We want to show confidence din. Hindi lang siya about love. It gives women a voice and a stand,” Bianca adds. 

“Boomerang” also promotes the idea that there are no limits on what a woman can do, highlighting mutual empowerment and equality, and that no matter how complex life has been, a woman can come back stronger.

“As one of the writers, I had a visual imagery that I know that every girl can relate to. Even to me, when writing, I put it in my mind that I’m a woman in this world and in this industry,” AJ comments on the process of creating the track. 

“Boomerang” is a collaboration between G22, Cornerstone Entertainment, and Republic Records Philippines under Universal Music Group Philippines.

“Noong unang beses namin napakinggan ang “Boomerang,” na-inlove na kami, maganda na ‘yung song, but we wanted add more to the song that will make it truly ours. We’re very thankful to UMG for being collaborative and open to our ideas,” Alfea expressed when asked about working with the record label.

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