Dubbed as “The Philippines’ Queen of RnB,” Kyla is a prolific multi-awarded Filipino singer-songwriter known for hit songs such as “Hanggang Ngayon,” “On The Wings of Love,” “Beautiful Days,” “Without You” and many more. Having released many commercially successful and critically-acclaimed records and having performed for numerous TV shows and concerts in collaboration with the industry’s top artists, she has undoubtedly cemented herself as one of the icons of Philippine RnB and OPM.


  • Undeniable (2020 single with Jay R)
  • Kyla (The Queen of R&B) (2018 album)
  • On The Wings of Love (2016 single from “On The Wings of Love”)
  • Heartfelt (2007 album)
  • Beautiful Days (2006 album)
  • Not Your Ordinary Girl (2004 album)
  • I Will Be There (2003 album)
  • Way To Your Heart (2000 album)

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