Rod Marmol

Writer | Director

Rod Marmol is a Filipino filmmaker known for films such as “Cuddle Weather” and “Mata Tapang.” He is also known for being the writer of various films, shows, and books such as “Magikland,” “Pinay Beauty,” “Lahat Tayo May Period,” the TV5 series “Stay-in Love,” and the BL series “Quaranthings.”


  • The Cheating Game (2023)
  • Mang Kepweng: The Mystery of the Black Scarf (as Writer) (2020)
  • Magikland (as Writer) (2020)
  • Cuddle Weather (2019)
  • Mata Tapang (2018)
  • Pinay Beauty (as Writer)(2018)
  • Bes and the Beshies (as Writer)(2017)
  • The Super Parental Guardians (as script contributor)(2016)


  • The Soulmate Project (ABS-CBN)
  • I Got You (TV5)
  • Quaranthings 
  • Stay-In Love (TV5)


  • Lahat Tayo May Period
  • (Wa)Lang Love: Love Stories na Walang Love Kaya Stories na Lang
  • Puro Ka Hugot, Ibaon Mo Muna

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