P-Pop Boy Group

VXON (pronounced as “vision”) is Cornerstone Entertainment’s first P-Pop Boy Group composed of five dynamic and talented members, namely: C13, Patrick, Franz, Sam, and Vince. To kick off 2024, the group released their first ever album entitled “20:20” which contains nine original songs to much fanfare.


  • 20:20 (2024 album)
  • Sandal (2023 single)
  • Lisan (2023 single)
  • Pretty Please (2023 single)
  • Breaking Bad (2023 single)
  • Dulo (2023 anniversary single)
  • Fiyaah (2022 single)
  • Ikaw Na Na Na (rendition of Jonathan Manalo’s song of the same title)
  • Luv Is (theme song of GMA’s “Luv Is: Caught In His Arms”)
  • Reach the Top (theme song of “Top Class”)
  • P.S. (2022 single)
  • The Beast (2022 debut single)

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