Yes My Love

P-Pop Group

Tagged as the “Vocal heartstoppers of P-Pop,” Yes My Love is a 5-member P-Pop boy group by Cornerstone Entertainment, composed of five passionate and talented boys, namely: Joshua, Brian, Niko, Jeff, and RZ. Brimming with potential and a desire to share their love for P-Pop, the boys are ready to show off their vocals and capture the hearts of P-Pop stans. Most recently, they released their third single “Light Up.”


  • Light Up (2023 single)
  • Yayakapin (2023 single)
  • Rhythm (2023 debut single)
  • Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw (2023 single)


  • PPOPCON 2023
  • All-Out Sundays
  • Wish Bus
  • PIEnalo
  • PPOPCOM 2023

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