Comedian K Brosas Gets Involved in Car Accident in Dallas, Texas

Author: Mikoy Fernandez

While on tour with fellow comedian Pokwang in the US, K Brosas got involved in a car accident in Dallas, Texas. Based on K Brosas’ tweets (dated August 1 Philippine time), she only sustained minor cuts and bruises. She mentioned how she was thankful for the quick emergency response and that she was kind of lucky that the pickup truck she was riding on was big enough to contain the impact given that she was seated on the side that got hit. Fortunately, she has been deemed okay.

“Eto po pala itsura ng bangga.. sa side ko talaga impact kaya ako lang ang mejo na inure ng burberry light lang malayo sa bituka hehe.. still thank lord talaga… ok pa rin naman ako at kaming lahat. stay safe po” she tweeted with a picture of the accident’s aftermath.
As of August 2 (based on a recent tweet), she is now en route back to Manila.

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