Gil Cuerva to co-star in GMA’s new afternoon prime series ‘Underage’

Author: Michael Medina

Gil Cuerva is set to star as Lance Guerrero in GMA’s new show “Underage.” He will be playing the leading man of Lexi Gonzales’ character Celine Serrano in the drama. The character is described to be the eldest and most generous son of Velda who wishes to follow his stepfather Dominic in politics. He is also described to be the type who is willing to leave everything behind, even romance, just to protect and avenge his family.

Before “Underage,” Gil has gotten to work with Lexi in a GMA romance-mystery mini series entitled “Love You Stranger.” As an actor, Gil Cuerva was first noticed for his portrayal as Matteo Domingo in the Philippine remake of Korean series “My love from the Star,” which also happens to be his acting debut. He used to host GMA News TV’s lifestyle show “Taste Buddies” which concluded last June 26, 2022.

“Underage” is based on the 1980 Regal film of the same title which is about three sisters who must learn to live their lives in Manila after moving from the province. As for GMA’s adaptation, the series revolves around the story of three sisters who would become prime suspects of a murder. Celine, the eldest of the three, would confess and sacrifice herself just to save her sisters.

Aside from Gil Cuerva and Lexi Gonzales, the show will also star Elijah Alejo, Hailey Mendes, Snooky Serna, Sunshine Cruz, Jean Saburit, Yayo Aguila, TJ Trinidad, Christian Vasquez, Jome Silayan, and Vince Crisostomo. 

“Underage” will premiere on January 16, 2023 and will be part of GMA’s afternoon prime programming during weekdays at 4:25 p.m.

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