Gretchen Ho gets silver play button as ‘Woman In Action’ tops ratings

Author: Patricia Claire V. Perez

In her recent vlog and Instagram post, Gretchen Ho expressed her gratitude as she celebrated her milestone in earning the Silver Play Button for her YouTube Channel. She also shared the commendable impact that “Woman In Action” has brought not just for her career as a sports host and news anchor, but most especially to her viewers. “Woman In Action” has become one of the top 5 programs of OnePH overall and has hit top rating for weekends alongside Rated Korina.

Gretchen Ho’s viewers also shared thoughtful sentiments regarding the show’s great performance.

“Go Gretchen… I am a regular viewer of your woman in action. I enjoy every episode, so entertaining and highly informative. Keep it up,” said by one of her viewers.

One also commented, “Our country needs contents like this. Makes me love my country more and understand what is going around. Plus hearing Bullet Dumas in the outro. Wow! Thank you miss Gretchen! You earned one subscriber here. Bless you and your team!” 

Another one also shared, “I’m a foreigner and married to a wonderful Filipina. I can speak and understand the Tagalog language. In my view, Gretchen is the best storyteller in Philippine television today. She knows how to ask smart questions. Hopefully, she continues her work featuring subjects that have significant relevance to Philippine society.”

The overwhelming positive reaction from viewers is testament to the passion and hard work she and her team puts in every episode, all while aiming to contribute a sustainable and positive impact across the world.

“Woman In Action” is an infotainment show produced by Cignal TV on One News, which is followed by a replay aired on One PH the next day. “Woman In Action” currently consists of 7 episodes, all uploaded on Gretchen Ho’s YouTube channel. Moreover, according to her, she assures her subscribers that while the show is on a mid-season break, she’ll continue to upload unreleased stories, videos, behind-the scenes, and segments while the upcoming episodes are still in the works. 

“Mas exciting yung susunod naming 6 na episode, to complete season 1 of “Woman In Action” for a total of 13,” she said while soft launching the upcoming episodes of “Woman In Action.” 

She enumerated, “One will involve climbing one of the highest mountains in the Philippines; one will involve cycling outside the country; one will involve going to a far flung island; one will involve me going down South together with umm…a veteran.”

“…and more to come really. Mas adventurous, mas courageous, mas immersive, and mas relevant na content po ‘yung aming ihahatid po sa inyo,” she added. 

“Woman In Action’s” first season will continue with six new exciting episodes and is set to return this April 2023.

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