Inigo Pascual Unveils His Inner Country Star on FOX’s Monarch OST

Author: Mikoy Fernandez

International Urban Pop Artist and Hollywood star in the making Inigo Pascual continues to make his presence felt and voice heard on FOX’s musical drama series “Monarch”. As Ace Grayson (the character played by Inigo Pascual) becomes more involved and integral in the unraveling of the drama and mysteries surrounding the Roman family while charting his own path in the country music scene amidst all the trouble (and brewing romance), Inigo has been doing an outstanding job of giving life to the character through his talents in singing and acting.

At the time of this writing, Inigo Pascual’s voice has been featured in the following tracks from the “Monarch” OST:

Episode 1 – “Family Tradition” with Beth Ditto, Joshua Sasse, Anna Friel

Episode 2 – “Photograph” with Trace Adkins

Episode 4 – “Watermelon Sugar” with Emma Milani

Episode 5 – “Silent Night” with Anna Friel, Joshua Sasse, Beth Ditto

Episode 8 – “This One’s For the Girls”

Episode 9 – “Fresh Eyes” with Emma Milani

The “Monarch” OST can be streamed from major music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud, iTunes, Deezer, and YouTube. 

“Monarch” is currently airing on FOX and Hulu in the US but it is available to watch in the Philippines via iWantTFC. 

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