Jason Marvin Drops Heartbreaker Track “Ako Nalang”

Author: Mikoy Fernandez

Singer-songwriter Jason Marvin has just dropped a new heartbreaking track on the midnight of September 14 entitled “Ako Nalang”. Later on the same day, the official music video was also released, visually revealing the pain and heartache that he has been experiencing as a result of his breakup with Moira Dela Torre a few months back. Simply put, “Ako Nalang” is “Jason’s story” told through his signature style of music and lyricism.

While the song is already heartbreaking on its own, the real life context behind it is what makes it even more impactful especially to those who have been following the music of the ex-couple over the years. In fact, some discerning fans quickly picked up on how the lyrics are referencing old songs made by the two, with the most notable being the hit song “Ikaw At Ako”.

Fans also shared their sentiments and words of comfort on the music video, sympathizing with the pain and grief that the ex-lovers must be going through behind the scenes. 

“Ako Nalang” is available to stream on Spotify and other major music streaming platforms. The music video is also available to watch on the Jason Marvin VEVO YouTube channel. 

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