Jason Marvin releases new song entitled “Gain”

Author: Clarisse Valle

Filipino singer-songwriter Jason Marvin dropped yet another single that’s truly close to heart and hits home. Available on digital streaming platforms since December 1, 2022, “Gain” was released under Waterwalk records, which recently welcomed Jason as the latest addition to their family.

According to the 30-year-old musician, “Gain” is one of the songs that he penned and sang during the darkest days of his life. He described this single as words he’d always wanna hear to remember God’s promises and His unconditional love.

“Religion or riches couldn’t sustain me during the darkest moments of my life. Only a genuine relationship with Jesus can do that.” This song promises a spiritual journey and overcoming adversities through faith. Jason also continued to talk about his realization that nothing in this world can truly satisfy, and that he’d gladly trade all his mortal possessions if it meant getting more intimate with Jesus.

Authentic and completely natural with soft timbre and acoustic sounds, Jason Marvin bared his soul into this song, and let his devotion bleed to its lyrics. In fact, the first chorus of “Gain” contains lines from Matthew 16:24-28, which serves to remind him that what good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? The song will surely speak to you and will talk about deep faith and optimism.

“Gain” is available to stream on Spotify and to watch on Youtube, showcasing an official lyric video set in a fireplace with night lights. 

Want to hear more of Jason Marvin’s soulful music? No worries, the singer teased and promised his fans that there’s more to come! In the meantime, you can check out his other releases such as “Ako Nalang,” his first song after a painful breakup with his estranged wife, Moira Dela Torre, and “All I Can Do” which talks about loving someone even from a distance.

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