Ken San Jose Becomes the Newest Member of Universal Records’ Family

Author: Darrell San Andres

Universal Records Philippines welcomes Cornerstone artist Ken San Jose as the newest member of the label’s packed roster on April 25.

Cornerstone’s President Erickson Raymundo and Vice President Jeff Vadillo were also present at Ken’s signing with Universal Records, as the young artist is also a signed talent under Cornerstone Entertainment.

In a statement, Jeff Vadillo said “We’re so excited for Ken for being part of Universal…Cornerstone and Universal have been working for the longest time, and we’re excited to open a new chapter with them through Ken…we’re really excited and we’re really expecting a lot of good things ahead”.

Kathleen Dy-Go the Managing Director of Universal Records also expressed her excitement about having the chance to work with Ken San Jose and hopes this is just the beginning of a successful journey.

Ken San Jose’s musical talent was discovered through his four singles Lose Control, A Chance to Hold, Halma, and You Stood By Me, and his signing to the famous record label is only the beginning of more good things to come.

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