Lyric video of TJ Monterde’s ‘Dating Tayo’ reaches 100M views

Author: Mikoy Fernandez

Award-winning singer-songwriter TJ Monterde has just recently achieved a milestone with his most popular song to date, “Dating Tayo.” The hit song has garnered a whopping 100 million views on YouTube. The lyric video is published and available to watch at the Polyeast Records YouTube channel. Meanwhile, the song currently has 80 million streams on Spotify alone.

By the end of 2022, TJ was recognized as one of the most popular male Filipino artists on Spotify. And most recently, just this year, he released a single entitled “Plano” – a song which stems from the heartbreaking question: “What if after all the years you spent together, you find out that you are no longer part of ‘the plan’?”

“Dating Tayo” is available to stream on all major music streaming platforms.

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