Newest PPop group VXON drops debut single ‘The Beast’

Author: Rex Abedes

MANILA – They are ready to awaken the beast within. CS Entertainment’s pride and the newest PPop group VXON drops their debut single “The Beast” on Friday, January 7.
VXON read as vision is the recently launched boy group under Cornerstone Entertainment. It is composed of five members, Patrick (Main Dancer), Franz (Main Vocals), C13 (Leader and Main Rapper), Sam (Lead Rapper and Lead Vocals) and Vince (Visual and Lead Vocals).

“CS Entertainment is proud to have artists who are unique, talented and have the star quality. We’re excited because we believe VXON has all of it. They have been trained in all aspects by the best people from both here and abroad. We have also invested a lot in music production to make sure their debut offering would be world-class but at the same time we also involved them in the creative process of the song so that the final output will remain authentic to who they are as artists,” Jeff Vadillo shared in an interview. Vadillo is the Vice President of Cornerstone Entertainment Inc.

“The Beast” – written in both English and Tagalog – delivers a strong message about empowerment, taking up the challenge and winning it by being “the beast that you can’t resist”. This is exclusively released by CS Music.

It is written by Korean music producer Knockloud, VXON C13, Sam and Franz. With an explosive choreography and moves by Korean master choreographer Kim Taehoon and another Cornerstone pride and also a beast on the dancefloor Matt Padilla.

The Beast Music Video Premiere is set to happen on Monday, January 10, 6 PM thru a VXON LIVE COUNTDOWN on @vxonofficial Tiktok account and the VXON members’ Tiktok accounts. The official music video is directed by Edrex Sanchez.

It was also announced that the fandom name of this group is Vixies. Their supporters also shared their excitements on social media and even made VXONTheBeastDDay a trending topic. 

“We are really proud of the boys.  Just Like what we have said, everything starts with a VXON. And after a long time of training and preparation we are confident their moment has now arrived,” Vadillo added. 

You can now stream and listen to “The Beast” in all digital platforms WORLDWIDE.

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