P.S. VXON Just Released Their New Single

Author: Rea Payongayong

Summer just got cooler as VXON officially released their latest single ‘P.S.’ on Friday, April 1. The music video was uploaded on the Official YouTube channel of VXON at 12 pm.

Directed by Edrex Sanchez and exclusively released by CS Music, P.S. already received 16,500 views within seven hours from its premiere. Showing a different side from their debut single, The Beast, P.S.’s colorful treatment truly shows the group’s versatility as artists and performers.

In an exclusive interview with the members of VXON, Leader and Main Rapper C13 shared that the inspiration behind the lyrics of the song was the Vixies (the official fandom of VXON).

“We want to give back to our supporters. Gusto namin makita nila na yung VXON, andito lang kami para sa kanila (We want them to know that we will be there for them).”

Adding on, Sam (VXON’s Lead Rapper and Lead Vocals) and Franz (VXON’s Main Vocal) also shared that they were so thankful for their fans because as the group collectively said, without their Vixies, there would be no VXON.

Upon seeing the music video for the first time, VXON’s Main Dancer Patrick said that he was pleasantly surprised because he didn’t expect the final video to look like it did. “Super colorful niya and super saya ng vibes tsaka nung concept (The Music Video was super colorful and it had a fun concept and vibes.)” 

Fun and colorful indeed, the concept that Vince, the Visual and Lead Vocals of VXON, pointed out when comparing it to their debut Music Video. “Makikita niyo naman na from dark concept to light concept. (You can notice it – from a dark concept to a light concept.) It was really an amazing experience to only shoot very happy scenes.”

Certified Vixies have a lot to look forward to as the group will be performing their new single at the PPOP Convention on April 9-10 in the New Frontier Theater, Quezon City.

Stay tuned to this promising PPop group as they start streaming P.S. on all digital platforms and its music video on the VXON Official YouTube Channel.

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