Photographer’s chance encounter with Arci Muñoz goes viral

Author: Mikoy Fernandez

A video of TikTok user @krseongchul taking photographs of actress and singer Arci Muñoz in a street in Thailand went viral on the platform, quickly garnering more than six million views in less than five days. The user also posted a slide show post of the photos of Arci that have already garnered about half a million views.

With the captions of both posts simply reading “Beautiful Girl,” commenters were quick to point out that the subject of these photos is a famous actress and rock singer in the Philippines.

The video and photographs were taken somewhere in Siam Square – a famous shopping and entertainment district in Bangkok.

@krseongchul is a photographer/videographer with 173k followers on TikTok. He focuses on street scenes, capturing portraits of random people he encounters on the streets.

Arci was in Thailand for a Miss Universe event where she was inducted as a member of the Council for Women Empowerment. In relation, Arci was previously a juror/judge for the 2023 editions of Miss Universe Bahrain and Miss Universe Egypt.

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