Sad sh*t but keep it smooth, MC Einstein brings new EP this Valentine’s

QUEZON CITY – Rapper and singer-songwriter MC Einstein drops his latest EP entitled “SAD SHIT” on February 10. The five-track collection of songs explores the strong emotion of sadness through heart-wrenching rhymes and drippy vocals.

“SAD SHIT” consists of five songs (“Wala Na,” “Pinaghirapan,” “Napagod Na,” “Makakaalis,” and “Last”) which were written and performed by MC Einstein and produced by Jason Haft.

“Paano ba masaktan ang normal na tao on a daily basis? Araw-araw may nasasaktan, araw-araw may masaya. Pero yung mga ‘nasasaktan, hindi nila madalas mailabas ‘yong mga gusto nilang sabihin,” MC Einstein ponders as he explains the story behind the songs he wrote for the EP. The singer-songwriter also drew inspiration from Moira Dela Torre’s music specifically for his song “Makakaalis.”

Although having no personal attachment to the lyrics of the songs, MC Einstein was able to hit familiar feelings of being lost, hopeless, and lonely to its listeners.The five songs eventually developed a story when listened to in its tracklist order. From realizing that the sparks are lost to accepting that the relationship comes to an end.

“SAD SHIT” is now available to listen at all major streaming platforms and along with the lyric videos at MC Einstein’s YouTube page. “SAD SHIT” is exclusively released by Just Music. 

MC Einstein, real name Darlon Elmedolan, is a Filipino singer and songwriter best known for his hits “Titig,” “Kilig,” and “Mapasakin.” He is an artist under Just Music, an independent record label under Cornerstone Entertainment which focuses on honing and giving a platform for talented and aspiring singer-songwriters.

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