TJ Monterde, 10cm meet in Korea after Seoul concert

Author: Mikoy Fernandez

Award-winning singer-songwriter and one of the most streamed male OPM artists in recent years, TJ Monterde, got to meet one of South Korea’s most popular indie folk-pop acts, 10cm. TJ flew to South Korea to watch 10cm’s concert at the KSPO Dome (a.k.a. the Olympic Gymnastics Arena) in Seoul last January 27.

10cm mentioned his desire to collaborate with TJ in Jessica Lee’s video entitled “Introducing Filipino Boodle Fight to Korean Artist 10CM!” published January 27, 2024. In the same video, 10cm gave the TJFs (the official fandom of TJ) a special treat as he performed his own rendition of TJ’s most recent hit “Palagi” which recently won the Wish Pop Song of the Year award at the 9th Wish Music Awards. The track is also notable for quickly garnering an impressive twenty million streams on Spotify alone in just a few months after release.

TJ talking to 10cm after his Seoul concert. | Source: TJ Monterde

The singer-songwriters got to interact for the first time after the concert at the backstage of the KSPO Dome. Coming from 10cm’s revelation from the Jessica Lee video, fans of both artists can only hope and speculate that their private backstage interaction will just be the first and that it will lead to an official collab between the two soon.  

10cm is a popular and award-winning South Korean indie folk-pop act that originally debuted in 2010 as a duo composed of Kwon Jung-Yeol and Yoon Cheol-Jong. Yoon left the duo in 2017, leaving Jung-Yeol to carry on and continue using the name as a solo artist. 10cm is particularly known for lending his music to the Original Soundtracks of hit Korean Dramas such as “Crash Landing On You” and “Goblin” just to name a few.

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