TJ Monterde Drops Wedding Vow Song for KZ Entitled “Sigurado” on Spotify

Author: Mikoy Fernandez

“Paano Ko Nasabing Ikaw Na?” (How Did I Know That You’re The One?) is a question that singer-songwriter TJ Monterde has struggled to answer for a while. As he mentioned in a short video uploaded late August of 2022 entitled “Three Years in the Making | Happy 2nd Anniversary”, he knew he was in love with KZ but what is the thing that really made KZ “the one”? In the same video, TJ finally revealed a complete version of the wedding vow that he sang to KZ two years ago. One could say that the complete version of the wedding vow-turned-song entitled “Sigurado” is TJ’s final answer to the question he has been pondering on for years.

As if the anniversary vlog wasn’t special enough on its own, this September 8, TJ dropped “Sigurado” on Spotify so that his fans can enjoy the song on the popular streaming platform. He also released a standalone lyric video which was originally part of the longer anniversary vlog. The lyric video is interspersed with footage from their wedding and random moments in their life as a couple through the years.

“Sigurado” is now available to stream on Spotify and the lyric video is available to watch on TJ’s YouTube Channel. 

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