TJ Monterde invites us to his world with new album ‘Sariling Mundo’

QUEZON CITY – Genuine and heartfelt. These are the characteristics of what the music of TJ Monterde offers. First a storyteller, then a musician, the singer-songwriter remains true to his authentic stories as he continues to release music regardless of it soaring as a hit or not.

But with the consistent success of the single “Palagi,” the musician made his mark on the music scene and will carry on to provide new hits, all while being true to his songwriting process.

The singer-songwriter announced on April 15 a brand new album entitled “Sariling Mundo” consisting of eight tracks, with four being the singles “Plano,” “Nowhere,” “Little Paradise,” and “Palagi,” while the remaining four are new, unreleased songs.

Sariling Mundo is basically me welcoming my listeners to my world. Even with all the noise and chaos the outside world brings, I’ll always find a way to be in the comfort of my home–just me and my wife KZ,” TJ shares.

Along with the album, TJ will hold a solo concert with the same title on May 5 to 6 at the New Frontier Theater. The new tracks will be first performed live at the concert.

After the announcement of the “Sariling Mundo” concert, TJFs (TJ’s fanbase) flocked to the ticketing sites to purchase seats and sold out in just 24 hours. With a lot of audiences not able to secure tickets, the producers and the artist decided to hold a second show for the solo concert. Ultimately, the second day for the concert sold out as well in just 3 hours.

The hype for seeing TJ live on stage was a surprise for him, when in fact the overflowing love for TJ’s music is not just an overnight thing.

Ang bilis ng mga pangyayari! I’m very overwhelmed with what’s happening. I’m happy with writing songs and the process that I have, I’m not used to this feeling. I’m scared, but excited as well that there are real fans that want to hear my songs live. I’m just really happy. In God’s time talaga,” TJ expresses.

The “Sariling Mundo” album will be out on April 25 in all digital streaming platforms and the “Sariling Mundo” concert will be happening on May 5 and 6 at the New Frontier Theater.

Listen to TJ Monterde’s “Sariling Mundo” here:

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