TJ Monterde’s ‘Walong Bilyon A Success, Hits 2 Million Streams On Spotify

Author: Alyssa Malapote

Singer-songwriter TJ Monterde’s latest single, “Walong Bilyon” will make you want to fall in love and find your own true love as the song has already reached 2 million streams on Spotify Philippines.

After the two-year hiatus, TJ Monterde surely did not disappoint his followers with the success of his comeback single “Walong Bilyon”. The song is about the joy and marvel of finding your own destiny and soulmate among billions of people.

Unsurprisingly, TJ’s latest single instantly hit the charts to the delight of fans eagerly waiting for new material from the singer-songwriter. Some immediately use the sound on Tiktok with contents relating to the meaning of “Walong Bilyon” or just by simply vibing to the emotional and sentimental feels of it.

Others even make a statement meme out of the lyrics from the song like “Dalangin kita is better than I love you’s”. Indeed, the song is a perfect wedding song for couples who found each other at the right time. 

Just recently, TJ’s “Walong Bilyon” performance in a busking event held separately at Bonifacio High Street and Eastwood City was also a success as a large number of passersby and fans stayed and jammed to his song. 

“Walong Bilyon” is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, and other digital music platforms. The wedding version is now available on Spotify and its in-studio performance is on TJ’s official Youtube channel. 

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