VXON Drops Lit Comeback Single “Fiyaah”

Author: Mikoy Fernandez

On the midnight of September 2, VXON released their single entitled “Fiyaah” (which is pronounced like “fire” but without the “r”). For the Vixies (the official fandom of VXON), this comes as a real treat as just weeks prior, the boys also dropped a theme song called “Luv Is” for GMA and Wattpad’s upcoming series “Luv Is: Caught In His Arms”. The theme song features the powerful vocals of Pop Princess Zephanie.

Franz, Sam, and C13 of VXON are credited for the lyrics and music of “Fiyaah”. Theo Mortel is also credited for the music as he served an instrumental role in the making of the music especially in the initial stages of production. Dante Tanedo served as the audio engineer while Tim Recla mixed and mastered the track. Lastly, Brenan Espartinez coach the boys with their vocals.

Fiyaah is now available to stream on all major music streaming platforms. The official audio video and lyric video can be seen at the VXON Official YouTube channel. The official music video will be dropping on September 5, 2022. 

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