VXON’s ‘The Beast’ Dance Practice Video keeps the hype going

Author: Mikoy Fernandez

The hype train keeps on rolling for the newest PPop group in town. VXON dropped the dance practice video for their recently released debut single “The Beast” on Monday, January 17 to the delight of fans eager to see more.

The Beast’s Dance Practice video proves that if they can soar high in singing, they too can also light the dance floor on fire. “The Beast” is choreographed by Korean choreographer Kim Taehoon (The Bips) and Cornerstone Entertainment’s very own Matt Padilla with additional choreography from VXON’s C13. The video was shot by Bryan Emanuel S. Termulo in Cornerstone’s dance studio.

Within two days after uploading, KPop fans, PPop fans, Vixies (the name of VXON’s fandom) and vloggers from around the world excitedly shared their positive reactions on Youtube about the group’s remarkable dancing abilities. Commenters on the practice video itself and the reactors are sending a clear message to everyone, that this group has huge potential. Some fans are even sharing words of encouragement, recognizing that VXON can indeed rise to great heights very soon.

Fans and viewers praised VXON for the creativity of the choreography, the precision of the moves, the energy and attitude, the dynamics between members and their individual quirks, and the overall execution. Some even gave praises to the studio’s design and the cinematography, noting how it completes the whole package. 

In related news, VXON was given the spotlight on the Jan-Feb 2022 issue of Village Pipol Magazine on January 22, 5 days after the dance practice video dropped. Village Pipol dubbed the group as “The Monster Rookies of Philippine Pop”. 

In the Behind-the-Scenes video of The Beast’s official MV, choreographer Matt Padilla mentions that he was pleasantly surprised by how well the group jived together as if they have been working together for a long time. He also shares that while it seemed apparent how each member already had a background prior to the group’s formation, they showed great enthusiasm to keep on learning new things, emphasizing that they really showed that they love what they do.

 VXON is a 5-member boy group under Cornerstone Entertainment composed of Patrick (Main Dancer), Franz (Main Vocals), C13 (Leader and Main Rapper), Sam (Lead Rapper and Lead Vocals) and Vince (Visual and Lead Vocals). “The Beast” is written by Korean producer Knockloud, C13, Sam, and Franz and was released under CS Music (Cornerstone Entertainment’s record label). 

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