Yes My Love as PPop’s vocal heartstoppers

QUEZON CITY – Can’t say “no” to this! Cornerstone Entertainment’s newest PPop boy group, Yes My Love is ready to take on the PPop scene!

Dubbed as the “Vocal Heartstoppers of PPop,” the six-member boy group composed of Niko (Main Dancer/Leader), Joshua (Main Vocal), Brian (Lead Vocal), Jeff (Lead Vocal), RZ (Main Rapper/Lead Dancer), and Eli (Visual) showcased strong and charismatic vocals to their debut single “Rhythm” which dropped on the midnight of March 17.

A huge contrast to their pre-debut track, a cover of the vocally-strong ballad song “Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw,” “Rhythm” is a dance-pop track that showed the group’s versatility in performing.
“Rhythm” is a song that expresses attraction at first sight. With its groovy tunes mixed with a touch of sexiness, the song will easily be this year’s song for the summer season.

“‘Rhythm’ is the sound of being with someone that you can’t resist – from feeling the instant connection to wanting to be with that person. We want to sort of give confidence to our listeners that if you want it, you can get it, as long as you have the right intentions,” the group explained when asked about the meaning of the song. 

The single is a collaboration between Yes My Love, Cornerstone Entertainment, and Republic Records under Universal Music Group (UMG) Philippines. The group is one of the new PPop breakthroughs signed at the top music label in the country.

The group felt that “Rhythm” is the “destined” song for them. The members instantly felt a connection to the song when they first heard it, “During one of our listening sessions, the room just lit up like we were having a party and runways – and we thought, ‘This is it! Let’s try this!’” the group shared. 

“Rhythm” is written by Samuel Gerongco, Robert Gerongco, Andrew Pedersen Briol, with additional words by Eli Padilla, Niko Badayos, Brian Zamora, Jeff Cabrera, Joshua Adornado, and RZ Condor, vocal arrangement by Mike Luis, produced by Bram K Inscore, Omega, Gabriel Tagadtad, and Tiny Corpuz, and mixed and mastered by Gabriel Tagadtad and Tim Recla, and released by Republic Records Philippines and Cornerstone Entertainment.

To put it simply, Yes My Love can be considered as “lovers.” As the group name suggests, Yes My Love’s music explores universal themes of love, however not limiting themselves to romance. 

When it comes to performing, the pride of Yes My Love are their vocals. With the aim to be one of the vocal powerhouses of PPop, the group is heavily influenced by powerful ballads widely loved by Filipino audiences. 

“We wanted to go back to our roots. It’s really good that our group has a mix of diverse tones whereas Brian can do high tones and then Jeff and Joshua have big deep voices. You can really see the big influence of OPM in our music,” the group shared.  

On riding the PPop wave, the group expressed their intention to make PPop global by starting locally. “We want to reach areas in the country that may have never heard of PPop yet. Especially in the Visayas and Mindanao region where some of us are from. We not only want to bring Yes My Love’s music to those areas, but also other groups as well.” 


After a year of rigorous performance training under Cornerstone Entertainment, Yes My Love finally debuted after each of the members faced various hurdles in their own careers. 

Niko, Brian, RZ, and Jeff were part of the reality-survival show created by Kumu, Cornerstone Entertainment, and TV5. Niko, Brian, and RZ were eliminated from the show, while Jeff was hailed as one of the winners of the show. 

Joshua first appeared at the first season of GMA Network’s reality singing competition “The Clash” where he was part of the Top 5 in the show, but eventually left the show. 

Lastly, Eli appeared on TV5’s videoke singing reality game show “Sing Galing” where he was part of the show’s Singtokers. He was pursuing an acting career, but was redirected to be part of a boy group instead. 

“Being part of Yes My Love is a collective redirection for us. All of us had faced different rejections before we were formed. It was a surprise blessing for all of us actually – that in the end it worked out for all of us,” the group expressed. 

“As cliche as love sounds, it’s something that everyone can relate to. When we were thinking of names, we went with different routes – we went ahead of ourselves, but in reality, we don’t really take ourselves seriously. So we thought, ‘why not go with love?’ Eli actually thought of the name. We were making fun of it at first but then it grew on us. It was different, and we wanted to try that route,” the group explained the meaning of their group name.

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