Yes My Love kickin’ it old school with ‘Laging Naroon Ka’

Author: Mikoy Fernandez

5-member P-Pop boy group Yes My Love has released their rendition of the classic OPM ballad “Laging Naroon Ka” last April 26. The Philippines’ Queen of Soul Jaya – the original performer – gave Yes My Love the blessing for the revival. The original version (composed by Freddie Saturno) is part of Jaya’s 1996 10-track self-titled album.

Raizo Chabeldin and Gab Tagadtad produced the track with Raizo also doing the arrangement. In producing the song, the boys made sure that it was given a new flare and the “boy group” treatment while staying true and respectful to the original. Given that the original was released in the 1990s, it makes perfect sense that the group took musical inspiration from boybands such as Boyz II Men while also incorporating design elements from that era in the promotion and visuals of the cover.

Before the track was released digitally, it was first played exclusively on 90.7 Love Radio. And as of April 27, the song is now also playing on the 101.1 Yes FM airwaves. 

Fans (endearingly called “143”) can expect that there will also be original songs from Yes My Love this year alongside revivals of other OPM classics. As already revealed during the promotion of song, “Laging Naroon Ka” will be part of an upcoming EP.

“Laging Naroon Ka” is now available to stream on all major music streaming platforms. The lyric video and visualizer are also now available to watch on YouTube.

Yes My Love – composed of Niko, Brian, Joshua, RZ, and Jeff – is a boy group under the management of Cornerstone Entertainment. The group debuted last March 2023 with the release of “Rhythm.”

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